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A comprehensive suite of EMV Contact and Dual-Interface (Contact / Contactless) test cards for EMV testing, demonstrations and training.

The B2 Mobile Test Suite (MTS), which consists of two smartphones pre-loaded with static device test accounts (including American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa), allows organizations to test the various forms of mobile payments used by consumers to make purchases.

Ideal for anyone that processes and accepts magnetic stripe cards, the B2 Magstripe Card Simulator is an innovative software testing application that emulates the behavior of magstripe cards and eliminates the need for any physical MSR-only test card.

The B2 EMV Chip Integration Tool is a full featured development aid for POS software developers working with Chip & PIN contact and contactless capable PINPads.

The B2 Payment Transaction Engine (PTxEngine) is a full featured middleware solution that provides full payment functionality for POS applications.

B2 has PINPad drivers to support most of the Verifone and Ingenico EMV-capable PINPads. B2’s PINPad drivers can reduce the time it takes to build support for EMV and contactless transactions and reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with migration and certification.