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Payment Software

Customized payment software development solutions that go above and beyond your expectations

Payment Software Solutions

Customized payment software development solutions that go above and beyond your expectations

POS and Application Platform Development

B2’s highly skilled developers use their vast industry experience to design custom applications with unique features and performance that are PCI and DSS compliant. We manage the development process from end to end in order to assure that all requirements are implemented with the highest possible quality and accuracy.

Our high standard of POS development and support ensures a seamless integration with your POS systems, extending its functionality. We specialize in:

  • General retail
  • Oil & Gas and (Fleet)
  • Security
  • Chip Card (EMV) 
  • Gift Card and Loyalty

With over 20 years of extensive experience and trusted partnerships with payments industry leaders, you can be confident knowing that B2 we will expertly and efficiently build full scale, customizable solutions to meet your precise specifications.

Our industry leading solutions offer:

  • An environment for rapid prototyping and development
  • Support for EMV
  • Enhanced reporting functionality
  • Easy customization for vertical markets or specific customer-defined applications

B2 Payment Transaction Engine (PTxEngine)

The B2 PTxEngine is a full-featured middleware solution for POS Applications that provides a common interface to EMV-capable PINPads, independent of the PINPad vendor’s API. The PTxEngine enables management of EMV/Contactless transaction flows and PINPads, supporting a wide range of functions and transactions. For a completely seamless integration, B2 has created additional connected tools and solutions that have all been designed to support and enhance the PTxEngine’s robust platform: Android POS Terminal Development, the B2 Chip Integration Tool and the B2 EMV PINPad Adapter.

Android Terminal Development

The robust and mature PTxEngine is the core transaction processing engine of our android POS terminal solutions, combining all the features of the PTxEngine.

Built on this foundation, our solutions offer:

  • Scalable merchant user interfaces that can be fully customized with graphics and specific colour pallets to meet your organization’s brand standards
  • Interactivity with the various platforms used by your organization, providing a fluid experience for you and your customers
  • Support for many of the more popular android POS terminals

B2 EMV PINPad Adapter

B2’s PINPad drivers are an ideal solution when integrating a PINPad into a POS system. With available support for most Verifone and Ingenico EMV-capable PINPads, B2 PINPad drivers can reduce build time as well as minimize the risk and uncertainty involved with migration and certification.

B2 Chip Integration Tool

The B2 Chip Integration Tool (CIT) is a full-featured development aid for POS software developers working with Chip & PIN contact and contactless-capable PINPads. Utilizing a simple interface, the CIT speeds up development by providing a PINPad trace, a Payment Host trace, a detailed Event Log, Data Element and EMV Tag list and a Receipt Viewer. Reduce time spent on your next integration project with the CIT, eliminating the uncertainty and risk associated with EMV contact and contactless projects.

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