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The B2 Executive EMV & Contactless Training Course is conducted over a full day and contains comprehensive overviews of both EMV contact and contactless transactions. Throughout the day topics such as industry insight, best practices, domestic and global trends will be used to convey the impact of this technology on your organization. Knowledge gained can be directly applied to your current decision-making processes and business objectives.



The B2 Expert EMV & Contactless Training Course is a world-leading full 3-day knowledge packed seminar. The course will give the attendees in-depth expertise on EMV and contactless form factors, acceptance devices, transaction processing, card and terminal architectures, "do’s and don’ts" and best practices. Knowledge gained can be applied immediately to any EMV and/or Contactless project.

The B2 PINPad Integration Training course is a conducted over two days and provides in-depth knowledge of the EMV standard and the PINPad API for EMV. The course targets merchants and integrators who are undertaking an EMV project and is ideally suited for POS developers, QA, project and product managers. The course also provides industry accepted best practices and recommendations and opportunity for discussion of merchant specific issues and questions.