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B2 University

Learn from the experts. In-person and virtual instructor-led training and eLearning courses, catering to all levels of experience within the payments industry.

B2 University

Learn from the experts. In-person and virtual instructor-led training and eLearning courses, catering to all levels of experience within the payments industry.

Instructor Led Training Courses

Executive EMV & Contactless Training Course

The B2 Executive EMV & Contactless Training Course is conducted over a full day and contains comprehensive overviews of both EMV contact and contactless transactions. Throughout the day topics such as industry insight, best practices, domestic and global trends will be used to convey the impact of this technology on your organization. Knowledge gained can be directly applied to your current decision-making processes and business objectives.

Expert EMV & Contactless Training Course

The B2 Expert EMV & Contactless Course is a world-leading, knowledge-packed seminar. The course will give the attendees in-depth expertise on EMV and contactless form factors, acceptance devices, transaction processing. card and terminal architectures, do’s and don’ts, industry insight, best practices and global trends. Knowledge gained can be applied immediately to any EMV & contactless project.

Customized Training Courses

B2 offers built-to suit courses based on individual and business objectives.  Courses such as Card Profile Definition, PINPad Integration and virtual trainings can be customized upon request.

eLearning Courses

B2 University’s eLearning portal has been re-designed to offer greater convenience and access to payments industry course material, authored by B2’s renowned subject-matter experts.

Our industry-leading online training allows you to take our courses when it suits your schedule, at your convenience and at your pace.

For those students that have taken our eLearning modules we also have virtual training for those who want to continue with our 3-day expert training with a live instructor.

Introduction - Payments & EMV Course

This course provides an introduction to payments and discusses topics such as payment transaction fraud, EMV adoption, EMV functional architecture and EMV transaction flow.

Contactless Payments Course

This course explains the contactless payment architecture and the various transaction flows of AMEX Expresspay, Mastercard PayPass and Visa payWave.

EMV for U.S. Debit Course

This course explains the impacts of implementing debit in the U.S. with EMV. We explore the difference between magstripe U.S. debit and EMV U.S. debit transactions including various merchant challenges and tips.


B2 workshops offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to work interactively with our team and draw from their vast global knowledge and expertise. These workshops are tailored to your requirements and provide you with the resources needed to implement your project with confidence.

EMV Accelerated Workshop 

The B2 EMV & Contactless Accelerated Workshop was designed to make the first step into any EMV and contactless project as easy and as efficient as possible. This workshop offers the best solution to jump-start a project and assess the impact of EMV and contactless on the organization.

EMV & Contactless Card Profile Workshop 

By helping to determine key EMV and contactless product features based on risk management and customer service requirements, the B2 EMV & Contactless Card Profile Workshop will work with you to ensure that the most suitable and optimum chip profile configuration is achieved.

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