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Testing Products

B2 offers a comprehensive suite of payment testing products for transaction processing, ensuring quality, before going live.

Payment Solutions

Professional EMV and contactless testing tools are an absolute necessity in EMV and contactless issuing, acquiring testing and certification projects. B2 provides a range of card and POS solutions that will guide any of the stakeholders in the payment industry towards a smooth, efficient and trouble free go-live of their EMV and contactless infrastructure.

B2 Payment Test Card Sets

As payment infrastructures become more complex following the migration to EMV and contactless payments, it is essential that your business has reliable, payment testing solutions. With that in mind, B2 has created a variety of best-in-class test card sets to make sure your EMV and contactless payment devices always deliver trouble-free transactions.

Our payment test card sets are made to help you test, train and demonstrate contact and contactless payment capabilities whether you’re perfecting your company’s EMV and contactless transactions, developing POS or ATM software, or integrating retail payment environments.

Every one of B2’s EMV payment test card sets have been tested with all major payment processors. They’ve also been designed for easy use by merchants, POS developers, value-added resellers and more.

Custom and white labeled test cards, with customer branding are available upon request.

Our test card sets have been tested with all major payment processors and include:

  • Cards supporting contact, contactless and magstripe
  • Credit and debit cards
  • U.S.A, Canada, U.K and Euro test cards
  • White-labelling upon request
  • Customized test cards with individual attributes upon request

The B2 Touchless Test Suite

The payments industry is seeing rapid growth in contactless and touchless transactions. The B2 Touchless Test Suite helps ensure a seamless migration to a safer and more convenient way to pay. This solution allows organizations to perform comprehensive testing of all their physical payment options to ensure they support the commonly used methods for contactless and touchless payments.

The main component of the TTS is the B2 Mobile Test Suite. It is ideal for application development, user acceptance testing, training support˛ personnel and performing demonstrations and includes:

  • Two smartphones – the Apple® iPhone® and a Samsung® Galaxy pre-loaded with static device PANs in the mobile wallet and applications to test and use with:
    • Apple Pay® including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover Cards
    • Visa CDET (Contactless Device Evaluation Toolkit)
    • Mastercard CTT (Contactless Test Tool) which includes M-TIP (Mastercard Terminal Integration Process) profiles
    • AMEX
  • B2 Touchless Dual Interface Test Card Collection
  • Select B2 eLearning Modules

The B2 Touchless Test Suite provides processors. ISOs. ISVs and merchants the tools and knowledge to implement and deploy touchless, frictionless and seamless payment POS solutions with confidence.

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