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Frequently Asked Questions

Our online store, at, accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa credit cards as payment. For manual orders, we also accept wire transfers, cheques and Purchase Orders. If you would like to use one of those payment methods please contact us at [email protected].

At checkout you have the option to select different levels of service from our Courier.  e.g. one-day or three-day delivery within North America.  Once you have placed your order we typically ship within one to two business days. 

From our online store, we are able to ship across the world.  To see if the country to which you wish to ship is supported on our store, put product(s) into your cart and start the checkout process.  When providing the address, you will be presented with a complete list of countries currently supported.  If the country you seek isn’t on the list, please contact [email protected].
Please Note:  For destinations outside North Amerrica, any applicable duties and taxes would not be determined, known by, or owed to B2 but would be payable to courier or local customs broker prior to delivery.

Cross border transaction fees, also known as International transaction fees, are fees that may be charged by your financial institution based on your credit card agreement with them. Our invoices and payment processing are based out of Canada, so if you use a U.S. issued card to make a purchase from B2, it would be considered a cross border transaction.
B2 does not charge this fee and has no visibility or influence into the amount.

Each card set and each card within a set has an expiry date based on the specific card personalization.  The description for each card set provided on our website and order forms identifies the date of the earliest expiry date of any card in the card set.  It does not mean that every card in the set expires on that date.  Some cards may expire months or years later.  If you have a physical card, you can see its expiry date printed on the front.  Otherwise, you can determine the expiry date of each card in a card set by looking in Chapter 1 of the appropriate card set document. 
No. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend test card expiry dates. The card sets use the expiration dates set by the card brands.

We offer an expired card (Test Card 18) in the B2 Interop EMV Test Card Set.

No. B2 test cards use development keys and PANs; so, the cards will not get approved by a live / production host.
Yes. We can make custom EMV contact/contactless cards with your company name and logo. Please contact [email protected] for pricing.

Yes. We have a 2-card UAT-FLASH BIN ’00’ Test Card Set that can be purchased from our online store.

Many processors outside of Canada do not yet support the Interac Flash BIN ‘0012xx’ used for these cards. If not, the cards should be accepted by the POS but, will not obtain a host approval. Please contact your acquirer account representative to determine if the Interac Flash BIN range is supported on their development host.

Yes. We have a 2-card UL Mastercard BIN2 EMV Test Card Set that can be purchased from our online store
Very carefully. If you exceed the PIN Try Count, the card will be locked and there is no way to unlock it. We recommend that you only test PIN retries up to the point where a message is displayed indicating you have one PIN try left. After that, you should very carefully enter the correct PIN. This will reset the PIN Try Count without locking the card.
Mastercard contactless cards support both EMV and MSD contactless. Visa contactless test cards only support EMV contactless. The Visa cards do not support MSD contactless.
The B2 EMV card sets use test keys and PANs defined by the card brands for EMV certification. Therefore, the cards should be supported by all acquirers.
We have EMV cards for all the major card brands and all cards have a magstripe for fallback processing. You can download a summary document for most of our card sets at These documents show the suggested amount to obtain an approval. However, these amounts are based on the host EMV simulator configuration and not the card itself. Also, an acquirer may use the transaction amount to trigger specific host processing. So, it is best to discuss this with your acquiring account representative.
Yes. You can download a summary document containing high level information for most of our card sets at When you purchase a card set you will also receive a link to download a full document which details each of the EMV tags configured on the card.
No. Some acquirers have written UAT test scripts based on the B2 cards. However, the test scripts are not distributed by B2. Contact your acquiring account representative to determine what test script exists.
Different operating systems and browsers and other security software have settings that can restrict access to certain functions. Here’s one example, under Windows 10, default Chrome settings cause Adobe Flash to be blocked. As Flash must be enabled in order to view the course modules, this must be rectified. Go to Chrome’s Settings / Advanced / Privacy & Security and then adjust “Content Settings” pertaining to “Flash” to allow domain ‘’. Of course, audio must be enabled too but as questions regarding audio aren’t frequent, it hasn’t earned a space in our FAQ’s.

How To with B2

Discover the power of B2 with our comprehensive “How To” demonstration videos! Learn step-by-step from our experts and enhance your understanding of our innovative payment solutions. Watch our videos and master the essentials with B2!

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