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RCV - UAT Canada EMV
RCV - UAT Canada EMV

Visa Replacement Set (4xCards) – UAT Canada EMV Test Card Set

This Visa replacement set of four cards contains replacements for all VISA cards in the UAT Canada EMV Test Card Set (16xCards).  All four cards have an expiry date of 12/2024 and are intended as direct replacements for existing VISA cards that have an expiry date of 12/2022.

Technical documentation for these new cards can be accessed by using the QR code on the back of the card.

Please note:  In addition to the Expiry Date change, the PAN has also undergone a change to remain in line with Visa’s guidelines.

Card Expiry Dates:
Visa 12/2024

Note:  Card images below may not reflect current card definitions.  Please refer to product documentation for details.

Card details:

  • Test Card 01 – Visa, 476173******0043, Dual Interface, Offline Capable, Offline PIN
  • Test Card 02 – Visa, 476173******0011, USA, Signature
  • Test Card 03 – Visa, 476173******0243, NO CVM
  • Test Card 04 – Visa, 476173******0267, Chip Error (Technical Fallback)



$140.00 USD

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