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Fiserv EMV Test Card Set (4xCards) – Discontinued – Replaced with Fiserv UAT EMV Test Card Set (6xCards)

Important notes:
  • This 4-card set and the Fiserv Dual Interface EMV Test Card Set (2-cards) have been replaced by a new single 6-card set: – the Fiserv UAT EMV Test Card Set
  • The Visa cards in each of the original two sets expired at the end of 2022.
To purchase the replacement 6-card set or for further information, click here – Fiserv UAT EMV Test Card Set

For convenience, the state of this set at the time it was discontinued was as follows . . .

Card Expiry Dates (by Brand):
Interac; 12/2022; Mastercard 12/2025; Visa 12/2022

Note:  Card images below may not reflect current card definitions.  Please refer to product documentation for details.

Card details:

  • Test Card 01 – Visa, 476173 ****** 0010, USA, USD, Signature preferring,
  • Test Card 02 – Mastercard, 54133 ****** 0434, CAN, CAN, Offline PIN, ARPC Verification fails
  • Test Card 03 – Visa, 476173 ****** 0010, CAN, CAD, Offline PIN=1234
  • Test Card 04 – Interac, 45064 ****** 1933, CAN, CAD, Offline PIN=1234



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