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Adyen Europe EMV
Adyen Europe EMV

Adyen Europe EMV Test Card Set (6xCards)

**Please be advised:** The purchase of this test card set includes a complimentary B2 Test Card Wallet to help keep your cards organized and protected. To view additional cases for purchase, click here.

New expiry dates for AMEX test cards are anticipated in Q4 of 2024. Discounted individual AMEX test cards will be available for purchase when AMEX has provided these updates. Click here to be notified once these changes are made available.

The Europe card set was specifically designed for Adyen to perform User Acceptance Testing (application development and testing), train support personnel and perform demonstrations within the European marketplace. The set includes credit/debit cards with a variety of Language Codes, Country Codes and Currency Codes. All cards are “Dual Interface”, support EMV contact/contactless and have a chip and a magstripe.

Card Expiry Dates (by Brand):
Amex 12/2024; Diners 05/2026; Discover 05/2026; Mastercard 12/2025; Visa 12/2031

Note:  Card images below may not reflect current card definitions.  Please refer to product documentation for details.

Card Details:

Test Card 01, Visa, 476173******0043, Dual Interface, High Value, German, Germany/EUR
Test Card 02, Mastercard, 541333******4111, Dual Interface, Offline Capable, French, France/EUR
Test Card 03, Mastercard, 679999*******2010, Dual Interface, Online Only, Maestro Debit, French, France/EUR
Test Card 04, Amex, 374245*****1003, Dual Interface, Online Only, Dutch, Netherlands/EUR
Test Card 05, Discover, 651000******0844, Dual Interface, Online Only, English, Great Britain/GBP
Test Card 06, Diners, 360705****0715, Dual Interface, Online Only, English, Great Britain/GBP



$350.00 USD

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