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Mastercard M-TIP Formal Approval Services

UL Transaction Services (UL) is a Mastercard accredited Service Provider for delivering Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP and M-TIP PayPass) Formal Approval Services. Mastercard imposes these services on acquirers introducing a new Mastercard branded terminal.

The objective of Terminal Integration Process Validation (M-TIP and M-TIP PayPass) is to test that all terminals comply with Mastercard brand requirements. The terminals' capabilities in terms of interoperability are assessed. This enables early detection of issues which reduces future costs and the time-to-market for Acquirers. Upon confirmation from UL that the test results comply with Mastercard requirements, the Acquirer receives a Letter of Approval signed by Mastercard.

Having undergone a previous M-TIP Formal Approval Service with other Mastercard Service Providers does not prevent you as an acquirer from having UL perform any succesive M-TIP.