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EMV & Contactless technologies deliver security enhancements to any debit and/or credit card against fraud by protecting against counterfeit, skimming, lost or stolen and cardholder delinquency. The card profile of an EMV & Contactless payment card specifies the chip’s functional behavior when used by the cardholder in any of the supporting acceptance devices. Business and risk management requirements translate into chip parameters, and chip parameters translate into a card profile. The translation can significantly influence the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’, speed of the chip at the Point of Sale or ATM, Security of the data in the chip, and the degree of remote management that can be performed on the chip. B2 has designed a process to help you ensure that the most suitable and optimum configuration within these four quadrants is determined and documented into a Card Profile.

Card Profile Workshop

B2 offers a complete Card Profile Definition Service to produce the most optimal card profile. A card profile is an issuer-specified definition of the EMV & Contactless application chip parameters that are stored in the chip. The B2 EMV & Contactless Card Profile Workshop is a standardized 4-step approach that will result in a card profile that best reflects and suits your business needs.

  • Expanding your EMV & Contactless knowledge. The Card Profile Workshop starts with expanding the EMV & Contactless knowledge of all relevant stakeholders within the organization. With an improved knowledge of EMV & Contactless, B2 will be able to guide you through the card profile definition process in a faster and more efficient manner. During this process the context of EMV & Contactless migration is made clear. Therefore, the acquired knowledge is also of great value to the overall EMV & Contactless migration process an organization goes through. To achieve this B2 organizes a 4-day in house training, which includes the B2 Expert EMV & Contactless Course followed by an additional full day covering the various contact and contactless card application risk management functionalities for Visa and/or MasterCard.
  • Determining product features based on business, risk management and customer service requirements. The next step of the Card Profile Workshop is defining the product features of the EMV & Contactless chip and facilitating the decision making process. In the context of a card profile, the product features are those features that determine the payment experience of the cardholder and level of acceptance of the card at a POS or ATM. Product definition must be made based on a balance of requirements between business, risk and customer service. Product features influence for example, the spending limit of a credit card, the differences between ‘gold and ‘platinum’ products, or the use of PIN.
  • By conducting interviews, applying best practices and presenting different scenarios. Together, we work towards a fit-for-purpose solution.



  • Translation of the chip requirements into chip parameters. When all the product features have been documented as chip requirements, B2’s consultants go to work on producing the card profile. The card profile is the translation of the established product features into concrete chip parameters. Converting product features into chip parameters requires expert EMV & Contactless knowledge, and detailed knowledge of the different card applications (e.g. MChip, VIS, CPA/CCD, CAP/DPA). Besides the basic information to personalize the chip (personal data), the card profile also contains the parameters to determine the payment product’s behavior in all possible situations. As B2 ensures that the card issuer’s wishes are clear during the first and second steps of the card profile definition process, the card profile will be an exact representation of issuer requirements. The creation of the card profile itself is a process autonomously performed by B2.
  • Creating the card profile The final is producing the full card profile. The full card profile indicates the location of the parameters in the chip, the manner in which data is grouped and which data is to be shared between payment brands and applications on the chip. Using our years of hands-on experience and expertise, B2 guarantees a card profile, which will not need iterations to achieve card certification. B2 will optimize the card profile in such a way that required memory space on the chip is minimized (cost saving), the amount of protocol overhead is reduced (faster chip), sensitive data is protected, and data is optimized for Issuer Scripting (remote management).

B2’s approach ensures optimal usage of all the potential that EMV & Contactless chip applications have to offer. We create a reliable definition that is - above all - faster and more secure.