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B2 delivers a wide range of high quality business management and technical card and terminal expertise to the payment industry. With our specialist knowledge in EMV, Contactless, NFC, banking, e-commerce and card payments, coupled with extensive practical and project management experience, B2 has developed an excellent track record and a sound reputation while successfully completing projects in the payment industry across numerous countries.

Our extensive knowledge enables diverse organizations to derive significant benefit. We have undertaken activities across the globe for a broad range of organizations, including banks, card schemes, software developers, vendors and processors. All of our consultants come with years of hands-on technical and management experience, which ensures you receive the most up-to-date and best-suited solutions.

The independent role of B2 is of significant value, since we are able to utilize our past experience and make assessments based on information that may otherwise not be readily available to others in the industry. This value has already been recognized in reviews undertaken on behalf of a number of our customers.

B2 EMV & Contactless Implementation Guide

The B2 EMV & Contactless Implementation Guide is a collection of documents that are intended to improve the effectiveness of a customer’s EMV & Contactless migration project. The Workbench centers around a template document which is used to act as a detailed checklist to gather information specific to any B2 customer. Working together with our customers B2 updates this document with the relevant details of the proposed EMV & Contactless project. This document is then used to develop a detailed project costing, design summary and projected timeline.

The B2 EMV Implementation Guide also includes a collection of documentation related specifically to the customer and in general to EMV & Contactless. This can include customer provided system documentation if available; vendor specific documents such a PINPad API references, acquirer specifications, card scheme documents as well as industry regulatory documents.

B2 EMV & Contactless Checklist for Merchants

Use our detailed checklist to ensure your project plans are complete.

  • Processor Walkthrough
  • PINPad Selection
  • CAPK Management
  • EMV and Contactless Parameter Management
  • Payment application changes to support EMV and Contactless
  • Transaction Log
  • Receipt Changes
  • Transaction Flow
  • EMV and Contactless Reporting
  • Host Message Changes
  • Detailed Testing and Certification plan
  • Pre-delivery Testing