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The B2 EMV & Contactless Accelerated Workshops have been designed to make the first step into any EMV & Contactless project as easy and as efficient as possible. Our workshops provide the best way to jump-start a project and assess the impact of EMV & Contactless on the organization.


Business and risk management requirements translate into chip parameters and chip parameters translate into a card profile. The B2 EMV & Contactless Card Profile Workshop will help you to ensure that the most suitable and optimum configuration is achieved.

UL Transaction Services is a MasterCard accredited Service Provider for delivering Card Personalization Validation (CPV) and Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP and M-TIP PayPass) Formal Approval Services.

One of our core objectives is to provide expert knowledge and assistance to our customers. B2 has assembled a team of professional experts that have many years of hands-on experience and expertise in the payment industry, particularly in EMV, Contactless and NFC technologies.