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UL Terminal Test Station

UL Terminal Test Station


  • Automates the terminal brand test certification process
  • Uses a ‘robot’ to do the time consuming test operator's work
  • Allows you to create and add your own proprietary test cases

Who is it for?

The UL Terminal Test Station is the most complete test solution for Acquirers, Acquirer Processors, Merchants and Terminal Vendors who are tasked with performing high volume and repetitive test cases, on payment acceptance devices, such as POS terminals, mPOS devices and tablets.

Why do you need it?

All payment schemes mandate proper testing before allowing payment acceptance devices to be connected to their network infrastructure. Testing payment devices is often a manual and repetitious process. It involves various test scenarios and requires a test operator to manually perform each test one by one. This is not only very time-consuming, there’s also a large risk of human error.

The UL Terminal Test Station assists you in performing the required terminal testing processes in the most successful and efficient way possible. By using the UL SmartTouch to do the test operator’s work, such as tapping, dipping, swiping the card and entering PINs into the card reader, you minimalize the need for human interaction.

What is inside?

UL Terminal Test Station consists of the following components:

  • UL SmartTouch - a unique solution for automating terminal testing. This ‘robot’ is capable of running through all test cases selected by UL Brand Test Tool for Unattended Testing, without the need for human interaction. It contains two robotic arms with the ability to press buttons on PINpads and touchscreens, a motorized card feeder for inserting cards into the terminal’s card reader, and a camera.
  • UL Brand Test Tool for Unattended Testing - a test tool based on the UL Brand Test Tool that provides the ability to execute the brand test cases in an automated fashion. It allows you to perform a full brand certification regression test with minimal involvement from a test operator.
  • UL Conclusion Test Manager - a user-friendly and comprehensive Test Automation Platform that allows you to create your own test cases that can be automatically executed in the UL Brand Test Tool for unattended testing.


  • Maximum efficiency in your validation process for POS terminals
  • Minimum risk of human errors
  • Cost- and time-saving 24/7 unattended operation
  • A qualified certification tool for all major payment brands
  • Always up-to-date with the latest specifications
  • No more manual repetitive work
  • Customizable solution - create your own test cases!


UL SmartTouch

  • Equipped with a 4-degree of freedom robotic arm, the UL SmartTouch is capable of operating keyboards of terminals, PINPads and touchscreens.
  • A motorized card feeder inserts UL SmartLink Box’ probe into the terminal’s card reader.
  • A second robotic arm taps the UL SmartWave Box probe on the contactless reader.
  • The UL SmartStripe device simulates magnetic card swipes.
  • A built-in camera takes screenshots of the terminal screen.
  • UL Conclusion Test Manager

Proprietary Tests

Create your own proprietary test cases for testing of domestic brands or additional terminal functionalities such as specific configuration management and non-payment functionalities.

Script Editor

  • Prepare your test scripts for automated test execution.
  • Test scripts can be coded in a comprehensible way by using a scripting language.
  • Combine your test scripts and test specifications in a single script.
  • Define the expected result and let your script give a verdict – passed, failed, inconclusive or not applicable.

Test Management

Create Test Scenarios, in which you can collect a specific set of test scripts in a preferred order.

UL Brand Test Tool for Unattended Testing

Test automation for payment brands.

Includes test cases for:

  • MasterCard M-TIP, and contactless PayPass M-TIP
  • Visa ADVT, ADVT-qVSDC, and CDET
  • American Express ICC Payment specification (AEIPS) for contact and Expresspay for contactless
  • UnionPay IC Card Test Guide for Acquirers
  • JCB Terminal Check for Implementation (TCI)
  • Diners Club International Acquirer E2E
  • Discover Network Acquirer E2E
  • Interac Terminal FTT
  • DNA Terminal Certification POS Pin Debit E2E
  • PULSE POS Pin Debit End-to-End
  • PULSE ATM End-to-End

The latest specification versions are always supported.