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UL Host Test Tool

UL Host Test Tool


  • Transaction generator
  • Terminal simulator
  • Authorization simulator
  • UL Host Test Tool

Who is it for?

The UL Host Test Tool is the most comprehensive test tool for any Issuer, Acquirer, Acquirer Processor or Merchant that wants to test their payment infrastructure host functionality.

Why do you need it?

As an Acquirer, Acquirer Processor or Merchant you want to test an acquirer network’s ability to generate correct messaging. As an Issuer, you want to test the issuer host system’s ability to process authorization messages. The UL Host Test Tool assists you in achieving your test objectives for both acquiring and issuing host systems.

The UL Host Test Tool allows you to test the main links in your payment network, using simulation of the links, before going into production.  Thus, avoiding any major disruption in your payment infrastructure. Ultimately, the UL Host Test Tool is the ideal test tool to prove all the major links in the network (card, terminal and host) work correctly.

What is inside?

UL Host Test Tool consists of a complete set of modules for testing payment hosts. Depending on your requirements, it comprises a dedicated collection of functionalities:

  • Transaction Generator - The Transaction Generator allows you to simulate transactions as if they were coming from real cards and real terminals. It is used for testing authorization and financial message processing of an issuer host.
  • Terminal Simulator - The Terminal Simulator acts as a fully configurable POS or ATM device and provides clear and detailed information on both the card-to-terminal as well as the terminal-to-host interface. It is used for checking the complete payment transaction from cards issued or mobile payment applications to an issuing host.
  • Authorization Simulator - The Authorization Simulator allows you to simulate an issuer. It confirms the correct generation and processing of authorization messages by an acquirer host infrastructure.
  • By default, a range of messaging protocols is supported (e.g. Mastercard’s BankNet, Visa’s VisaNet).  Other protocols can be developed if requested.


  • Ideal for migration towards EMV, Contactless Chip and NFC
  • Automatic analysis of messages and issues
  • In-depth interpretation of ISO messages, including all EMV details
  • Convenient utilities for parsing and interpreting EMV data and ISO 8583 messages
  • Supports Cloud-based Payments (tokenization) messaging
  • Define and store different test environment configuration profiles
  • Flexible and clear configuration


Transaction Generator:

  • Stores multiple sets of test environment configurations
  • Ability to generate incorrect messages and fraudulent transactions
  • Use of MS Excel for:
         >  Definition of test data (cards / terminals / acquirers / transactions)
         >  Definition of test cases
  • Validation of authorization response messages on syntax and semantics
  • Generation of EMV cryptograms (ARQC)
  • Validation of EMV cryptograms (ARPC) and enciphered data fields (MAC)
  • Generation for contactless payments (Visa payWave and Mastercard PayPass); both magnetic stripe and contactless cryptograms are supported (CVV/CVC, dCVV/CVC3)
  • Magstripe transactions with predefined track data
  • Generation of Cloud-based Payments messages for eCommerce and card not present transactions

Authorization Simulator

  • Flexible definition of rule-based Authorization profile
  • Definition of various keys per BIN
  • Support of data fields used for contactless payments (Visa payWave and Mastercard PayPass)
  • Support for MagStripe transaction data
  • Validation of PIN block, based on configured card data
  • Validation and generation of EMV cryptograms and enciphered data fields (ARQC, iCVV, Enciphered online PIN, ANSI X9.19 MAC)
  • Validation and generation of magnetic stripe and contactless cryptograms (CVV/CVC, dCVV/CVC3)
  • Generation of EMV Cryptograms (ARPC) and issuer scripts
  • Support of a range of Financial Authorization, Batch, Administrative and Exception messages (e.g. 0100-0110, 0220-0230, 0420-0430, 0520-0530 message sequences)
  • Support for messages with token transaction data (e.g. 0100 Token Request, 0620 Token Notification Advice)
  • Performing key exchange procedures

Terminal Simulator

  • Stores multiple Terminal Profile configurations
  • Supports contact transactions (EMV)
  • Supports contactless transactions (Visa payWave, Visa MSD, qVSDC; Mastercard PayPass (magstripe and M/Chip) and NFC (Mobile))
  • Supports magnetic stripe transactions (Magstripe reader required to read card data)
  • Configurable for POS and ATM modes
  • Fully configurable terminal parameters including Terminal Action Codes, Floor Limit, CA Keys, and many others
  • Configurable for various country codes, currencies and terminal attributes
  • Transactions supported: Purchase, Withdrawal, Balance Inquiry, PIN Change

Cryptography supported:

  • Contact card (Visa CVN10, Mastercard CVN01, American Express CVN 01 02, DPAS CVN 02 01)
  • Contactless card (Visa, Mastercard)
  • Generation of enciphered data fields
  • Enciphered online PIN (DES, 3DES, DUKPT (encryption methods), ISO format 0, ISO format 1 (PIN block formats))
  • Cloud-based payments (Visa CVN 43)
  • ANSI X9.19 MAC

Transaction Message Flows supported:

  • Authorization 0100-0110
  • Financial 0200-0210
  • Advice 0220-0230, 0120-0130
  • Reversal 0400-0410, 0420-0430
  • Key Exchange 0800-0810, 0820-0830

Protocols supported:

Host to Network protocols:

  • BankNet for Mastercard transactions
  • VisaNet for Visa transactions
  • DPAS for Discover transactions
  • DCI for Diners Club transactions
  • GCAG-ISO, GCAG-XMC, GEDC (Argentina), APACS 30 (host protocols) and GEDC (U.S., Argentina, JAPA, Mexico), APACS 40, GHDC, GICC (terminal protocols) for American Express transactions
  • Host to Host protocols (for detailed information, please contact us at sales@b2ps.com)
  • Terminal to Host protocols (for detailed information, please contact us at sales@b2ps.com)

Card profiles included:

  • Visa Acquirer Host Test Cards
  • Mastercard NIV
  • Discover Acquirer E2E
  • Diners Club Acquirer E2E
  • American Express


  • UL Contact & Contactless Reader
  • Chip card reader for both contact and contactless cards.