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  • Fully covered and up-to-date with all relevant test specifications
  • User guidance with easy-to-follow Wizard support
  • Supports Mastercard CPV, Visa payWave, JCB J/Smart, Discover, Diners, UnionPay and Interac
  • Displays all EMV data elements with an explanation
  • Simplifies personalization quality control

Who is it for?

The UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool is the most thorough and comprehensive test tool for Issuers, Card Personalization Bureaus and Card Manufacturers that want to validate the personalization of their contact/contactless payment cards and mobile payment applications.

Why do you need it?

The UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool assists you in testing your EMV payment products according to mandatory card personalization regulations as defined by the major payment associations.

With just one click of a button, you can store, validate, retrieve, and examine all personalization data of EMV smart card applications such as chip, magnetic stripe, embossing data, asymmetric keys and PIN.

With UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool, you can easily check the correctness of the personalization of any EMV card application according to the latest (test) specifications from EMVCo, Mastercard, Visa, JCB, Discover, UnionPay and Interac.

What is inside?

The Explorer functionality allows you view all personalization data on your EMV Card with detailed explanations.

The Validation functionality checks the correctness of your card application personalization and provides full, readable reports including explanations of errors and observations found. The UL EMV PVT validates card personalization profiles for all major payment schemes:

  • Mastercard CPV
  • Visa
  • JCB
  • Discover & Diners Club
  • American Express
  • UnionPay
  • Interac

The PVT has been developed in close cooperation with VISA, MasterCard, JCB and UnionPay. It is officially confirmed and used by Visa and JCB. It is also the first tool officially qualified as a MasterCard Card Personalization Validation (CPV) Testing Tool used to prepare for formal certification.

Special modules available:

  • Card Management Module
  • Mobile Module
  • Security Module
  • Domestic validation modules, e.g. DNA, eftpos, Interac, Cabal, MEPS, SPAN


  • Fully covered and up-to-date with relevant test specifications
  • User guidance with easy-to-follow Wizard support
  • Supports Mastercard CPV, Visa payWave, JCB J/Smart, Discover, Diners, UnionPay, Interac and other domestic card schemes
  • Allows you to browse through all EMV data elements (with explanations)
  • Includes utilities to check mobile payment parameters for Secure Element and Cloud-based payment products
  • Simplifies card personalization quality control


UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool modules include


  • Mastercard validation module (CPV including Maestro, Cirrus, PayPass and CAP)
  • VISA validation module (incl. Credit, Debit, DPA, VPAY, payWave for EU and Visa
  • Global Test Specification for other regions)
  • JCB validation module (incl. J/Smart, J/Speedy)
  • Discover and Diners validation module
  • American Express validation module
  • UnionPay validation module
  • Domestic validation modules: DNA, eftpos, Interac Flash, Cabal, MEPS

The UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool supports validation of card profiles generated using MasterCard’s M/Chip Advance Profile Generator.

Explorer & Utilities 

  • EMV payment application explorer
  • EMV Generic and Template Checking

Card Management

  • Issuer Script commands (e.g. Unblock PIN, Put Data)
  • Offline and online transaction execution

Optional modules


  • AC, MAC, ENC keys check using HSM coupling for production keys
  • Offline Data Authentication (SDA /DDA/CDA)
  • MasterCard PayPass™ / Visa payWave checksum and cryptogram checking (dCVV /CVC3)
  • CVV / CVC checking


  • Cryptogram check for Cloud-based Payments
  • Secure element application analysis:
  • Contactless Registry status viewer
  • PPSE application explorer

Test specifications supported

The UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool is continuously updated to keep it up to date with the latest payment schemes test specifications. If the test specification you are looking for is not listed here, don’t worry, the latest UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool release may already cover it.


Generic tests specified by UL:

EMV Generic

  • Test Specification, v2.8 based on EMV Integrated Circuit Card Specifications for Payment Systems, version 4.3, November 2011


  • Mastercard CPV: Personalization Validation Tool Requirements v9.2 + erratum


  • Visa US: U.S. Personalization Validation Requirements, v1.0, January 2014
  • Visa Europe: Visa Europe Addendum to GPR 3.0, v1.0
  • Visa Global: Visa Global Personalization Requirements v3.0
  • Visa Global: Personalization Requirements 3.0. Additions and Clarifications. Document Version 3


  • JCB J/Smart 2.0: JCB J/Smart Test Cases for Contact ver. 0.34
  • JCB J/Smart Test Cases for Contactless ver. 0.3


  • D-PAS Chip Card Personalization Validation Rules v1.0
  • Contact D-PAS: U.S. Debit Personalization Profiles Guide, version 2.0
  • Contact and Contactless D-PAS: Personalization Profiles Guide, version 2.0
  • Contactless D-PAS: Card Application Personalization Validation Rules, version 1.0

American Express

  • Contact: AEIPS Chip Card Specification (AEIPS 4.3)
  • Contactless: ExpressPay 3.1 Card Specification


  • UnionPay personalization data validation test plan, v2.0

Security and Audit Logging

  • Data Security Configuration options, including: PAN Masking in test suites or the option to not store any card images
  • User Access Control: PVT Administrator and PVT Users
  • Generate Audit Log option: The tool logs all tests performed in a separate CSV-formatted file so you can track your test history.