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* Smartphone models may not match current product hardware and are for illustrative purposes only.

As contactless and mobile payments become more prominent, processors, ISOs, ISVs and merchants are increasingly looking for ways to develop, test, and migrate point-of-sale devices to accept this new form of digital payment.

 The B2 Mobile Test Suite, which consists of two smartphones pre-loaded with static device test accounts (including American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa), allows organizations to test the various forms of mobile payments used by consumers to make purchases.

B2 Mobile Test Suite (MTS)


Growth of mobile payment devices

Performing payments using a mobile phone is becoming more prominent as consumers are recognizing the convenience it brings them.

Merchants are taking note of this tap-to-pay trend and see the necessity of accepting this digital form of payment.

Due to the complexity of the mobile payments back-end integration - all required to ensure that mobile payment devices work properly at the point-of-sale - it is extremely important to perform comprehensive testing of your mobile payments integration and acceptance prior to going live.

To aid in this endeavor the B2 Mobile Test Suite (MTS) consists of smartphones with pre-loaded mobile wallets that enable organizations to test various forms of mobile payments.

Similar to the physical EMV and contactless test cards that B2 has provided for years, the B2 MTS is ideal for:

  • User Acceptance Testing (application development and testing)
  • Training Support Personnel
  • Performing Demonstrations

Pre-loaded Mobile Wallets

The B2 MTS will include smartphones that will have the mobile wallets pre-loaded with various mobile payment applications, including American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa test accounts.

Control and Management

The mobile devices will be managed under B2’s Mobile Device Management system (MDM).  With the MDM, B2 has the ability to control how the mobile devices are configured and limit instances where someone might inadvertently delete an app, change a setting, etc.

Wi-Fi Enabled or SIM Card Available

No cellular service will be provided on the mobile devices, Wi-Fi will be enabled and as the primary communications mode.  If a customer does not have Wi-Fi available, B2 ships all phones with a SIM card that may be enabled with ‘data only’ functionality.

Mobile Payment Options

The B2 Mobile Test Suite includes two smartphones – an Apple iPhone® SE * and a Samsung Galaxy® S7 *. These phones provide merchants with the ability to test Apple Pay® on the iPhone® and Visa and Mastercard wallets on the Samsung device.

Testing of other digital/mobile devices and hardware (e.g. smartwatches, new versions of smartphones, etc.) may also be available upon request.


  • Smartphones to test Apple Pay®; Visa CDET (Contactless Device Evaluation Toolkit); and Mastercard CTT (Contactless Test Tool) which includes M-TIP (Mastercard Terminal Integration Process) profiles
  • Pre-loaded Device PANs in the phones' Mobile Wallets
  • Wi-Fi Enabled for Communications and Testing - optional data plans if Wi-Fi is not available
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

The package includes the following items . . .

  • B2 Mobile Test Suite Case
  • Apple iPhone® SE 4G LTE 64GB *
  • USB Power Adaptor - Apple
  • USB Lightning Cable
  • Samsung Galaxy® S7 4G LTE 32GB *
  • USB Power Adaptor - Samsung
  • USB 3.0 Cable - Samsung
  • MTS User Guide

Product(s) selected are subject to the B2 standard terms and conditions published on this B2 website.

* B2 reserves the right to substitute other iPhone or Samsung models without notice.