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B2 has PINPad drivers to support most of the Verifone and Ingenico EMV-capable PINPads. If you are starting to integrate a PINPad into your POS system you need to look at B2’s PINPad drivers and see how they can reduce the time it takes to build support for EMV and contactless transactions. B2’s PINPad Drivers also reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with migration and certification.

Key Benefits of B2's PINPad Drivers:

  • Reduces EMV development time and time to market
  • Reduces EMV development time and time to market
  • Optimizes POS transaction performance
  • Optimizes POS transaction performance
  • Easily configured via an external XML Driver File
  • Integration documentation and a functional test harness application are provided to speed the integration of the PINPad Drivers with the POS Application.
  • All the uniqueness and complexity of the PINPad interface is essentially hidden away inside the driver allowing the POS to use a generic command set to implement PINPad functionality.
  • Switching between different PINPads becomes a trivial exercise with no changes to the core POS logic.
  • EMV transactions are implemented using a series of commands:
    • EmvStart() – called at the start of the transaction to activate the card reader
    EmvExecute() – called after the card has been inserted/tapped to generate data fields needed for authorization request
    EmvFinish() – called after authorization response has been received to check if the inserted card approves the transaction
    EmvRemoveCard() – called at the end of the authorization to prompt the cardholder to remove their inserted card.


This approach greatly simplifies the required EMV logic in the POS and abstracts the complexities of the PINPad interface away from the core payment logic.