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The B2 Payment Transaction Engine (PTxEngine) provides a common interface to EMV-capable PINPads independent of the PINPad vendor's API. The PTxEngine enables management of EMV / Contactless transaction flows and PINPads and supports the following functions and transactions:

  • Card swipe, card insert, card tap.
  • Industry standard support for fallback transactions.
  • Card read retry logic.
  • Track2 validation against PAN and Expiry Date tags.
  • Partial and full EMV transactions.
  • Indicator for successful PIN entry and/or for signature required.
  • Offline approvals by card at 1GAC & 2GAC.
  • Merchant Stand-in approval functinality.
  • Card association best practices for chip technology failures at 2GAC.
  • Transaction tracing for development and field problem resolution.
  • Last PIN try logic and prompting.
  • Support for Quick Chip and M/Chip Fast transactions


The following PINPads are supported by the PTxEngine:

  • VeriFone PINPads using the XPI Interface (Vx8xx, Mx Series, e3xx)
  • Ingenico PINPads using the UIA Interface (iSCxx)
  • Ingenico PINPads using CPX & Vega (iPP3xx, iCMP, iSMP)
  • Ingenico PINPads using the RBA Interface (iSCxx)
  • UIC PP791 PINPad
  • Additional PINPads are available


The following Host interfaces are supported by the PTxEngine:

  • Global Payments North platform
  • Global Payments East platform
  • Chase Paymentech PNS ISO platform
  • Elavon Encompass platform
  • NBS EPOS platform