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B2 Payment Solutions Launches the B2 Touchless Test Suite (TTS)

Help Ensure A Seamless Transition to Touchless Payments with B2’s Touchless Test Suite

TORONTO—(June 17, 2020)

The rise of touchless payments coincides with the rapid growth of contactless payments and as consumers look for ways to get in and out of stores quickly without having to exchange cash or touch terminals and keypads.

According to research reports, this shift is only expected to increase as contactless and mobile payment adoption is expected to reach $24.99 billion by 2027. However, a truly touchless payment experience requires contactless and mobile payments to change by rethinking the transaction flow and removing options like capturing a PIN, providing cashback and various consumer prompting throughout the transaction.

As the payment industry adapts to the current market conditions, now is the time for processors, ISOs, ISVs and merchants to gain the tools and knowledge to implement and deploy these new forms of touchless, frictionless and seamless payment POS solutions with confidence.

B2 is helping with the transition to touchless payments with its new Touchless Test Suite – a suite that helps ensure a seamless migration to a safer and more convenient way to pay.

B2’s Touchless Test Suite is a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to test all their physical payments options for paying safely and securely with a contactless card or mobile wallet curbside, touchless drive through, or in store payments and includes:

  • B2 Mobile Test Suite (MTS)
  • B2 Touchless Dual Interface Test Card Collection
  • B2 eLearning Modules

To learn more about B2’s Touchless Test Suite, visit B2 Touchless Test Suite.


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