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  • What payment options do you offer?

    Our online store, shop.b2ps.com, accepts Amex, Mastercard and Visa credit card payments only. For manual orders, we also accept Discover credit cards, wire transfers, cheques and Purchase Orders. If you would like to use one of those payment methods please contact us at shipping@b2ps.com.

  • How soon after I order will I receive my shipment?

    Once you order, you will receive your shipment within one to four business days. We typically ship within one business day and at checkout you have the option to select one-day or three-day delivery within North America.

  • Do you ship outside North America?

    Yes. Though we are unable to ship outside North America from our online store, if you can order by completing our International EMV Card Set Order Form. Contact shipping@b2ps.com, to obtain a custom shipping quote based on the delivery location.

  • What are Cross Border transaction fees?

    Cross border transaction fees, also known as International transaction fees, are fees that may be charged by your financial institution based on your credit card agreement with them. Our invoices and payment processing are based out of Canada, so if you use a U.S. issued card to make a purchase from B2, it would be considered a cross border transaction.
    B2 does not charge this fee and has no visibility or influence into the amount.

  • Where do I find a list of EMV Test Cards and EMV Test Tools you sell?

    The list of the products B2 offers can be found on our website at b2ps.com/products. Most of the products may be purchased from our online store at shop.b2ps.com. If you do not see what you are looking for or require additional information, contact us at sales@b2ps.com.

  • How can I purchase EMV test cards and UL EMV Test Tools?

    Most products can be purchased from our online store at shop.b2ps.com. If you do not wish to purchase online, you can download an order form at b2ps.com/products and email or fax it to us for processing. For other purchasing options, please contact us at shipping@b2ps.com.

  • What is the return policy for your EMV Test Card sets?

    You may return your test card sets, in like-new condition, within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, minus shipping charges.

  • When do EMV Test Card Sets expire?

    Each card set and each card within a set has an expiry date based on the specific card personalization.  The description for each card set provided on our website and order forms identifies the date of the earliest expiry date of any card in the card set.  It does not mean that every card in the set expires on that date.  Some cards may expire months or years later.  If you have a physical card, you can see its expiry date printed on the front.  Otherwise, you can determine the expiry date of each card in a card set by looking in Chapter 1 of the appropriate card set document.  These documents are available for viewing or download from our website at https://b2ps.com/products/b2-emv-test-card-sets.

  • Can the expiration date of a card set be extended?

    No. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend test card expiry dates. The card sets use the expiration dates set by the card brands.

  • Do you sell expired or lost/stolen test cards?


  • Can the test card sets be used in production when connecting to a live host?

    No. The B2 test cards use development keys and PANs. The cards will not get approved by a live production host.

  • Do you sell test gift or loyalty cards?


  • Do you sell magnetic stripe only cards?

    No. We can produce custom magstripe cards for large card orders. For additional information, email sales@b2ps.com.

  • Will you make custom EMV cards for us with our company logo?

    Yes. We can make custom EMV contact/contactless cards with your company name and logo. Please contact sales@b2ps.com for pricing.

  • Do you have Interac Flash Cards?

    Yes. We have a 2-card UL UAT-FLASH EMV Test Card Set that can be purchased from our online store shop.b2ps.com.

  • Why are my Interac Flash cards being declined by the processing host?

    Many processors outside of Canada do not yet support the Interac Flash BIN ‘196730’ used for these cards.  If not, the cards should be accepted by the POS but, will not obtain a host approval.  Please contact your acquirer account representative to determine if the Interac Flash BIN range is supported on their development host.

  • Do you sell test cards for the new Mastercard Bin 2 range?

    Yes. We have a 2-card UL Mastercard BIN2 EMV Test Card Set that can be purchased from our online store shop.b2ps.com.

  • How do I simulate invalid PIN entry with the chip and PIN cards?

    Very carefully. If you exceed the PIN Try Count, the card will be locked and there is no way to unlock it. We recommend that you only test PIN retries up to the point where a message is displayed indicating you have one PIN try left. After that, you should very carefully enter the correct PIN. This will reset the PIN Try Count without locking the card.

  • Do the Visa and Mastercard dual interface test cards support both EMV and MSD contactless transactions?

    Mastercard contactless cards support both EMV and MSD contactless. Visa contactless test cards only support EMV contactless. The Visa cards do not support MSD contactless.

  • Which acquirers support the B2 cards?

    The B2 EMV card sets use test keys and PANs defined by the card brands for EMV certification. Therefore, the cards should be supported by all acquirers.

  • Do any of your test cards handle both EMV and MSR transactions where the results are not dependent on the transaction amount?

    We have EMV cards for all the major card brands and all cards have a magstripe for fallback processing. You can download a summary document for most of our card sets at b2ps.com/products/b2-emv-test-card-sets. These documents show the suggested amount to obtain an approval. However, these amounts are based on the host EMV simulator configuration and not the card itself. Also, an acquirer may use the transaction amount to trigger specific host processing. So, it is best to discuss this with your acquiring account representative.

  • Can I get information about how the EMV cards are configured?

    Yes. You can download a summary document containing high level information for most of our card sets at b2ps.com/products/b2-emv-test-card-sets. When you purchase a card set you will also receive a link to download a full document which details each of the EMV tags configured on the card.

  • Do you have test scripts for the test cards you sell?

    No. Some acquirers have written UAT test scripts based on the B2 cards. However, the test scripts are not distributed by B2. Contact your acquiring account representative to determine what test script exists.

  • Do you have BTT Visa and Mastercard Fleet cards?

    No. However, a set of EMV fleet cards is currently being designed. Unfortunately, the expected availability date has not been set.

  • How do I know which test card set to purchase?

    The card sets designated as “UAT” are among our newest, most popular and most cost effective EMV test card sets. For more information, you can download a “Which Card Set is Right For You” document from our online store at shop.b2ps.com. These documents provides a brief overview of each card set, which may be useful when making your purchase decision.

  • Why do I need to renew my UL Service Contract Agreement every year?

    The UL software is constantly being upgraded to include additional support and to keep up with changes made by the card brands. Renewing your UL Service Contract entitles you to free hardware replacements and free software upgrades.

  • I’m using the UL Brand Test Tool and a test case requires a magstripe card I do not have. How do I obtain the missing card?

    Simply send an email to shipping@b2ps.com with your request and we will contact you. Please note that to obtain replacement UL Brand Test Tool magstripe cards, you must have a valid and current UL Service Contract.

  • Does the UL Brand Test Tool and its modules run on Win 10?


  • Why have I been locked out of my UL Account?

    This may be because you had too many consecutive failed password attempts or your UL Service Contract may have expired.

  • Which UL tools do you sell and how much do they cost?

    A list of UL EMV products can be found on our website at b2ps.com/products/ul-emv-test-tools. To purchase a UL product, visit our online store at shop.b2ps.com/test-tools. If you require additional information about the UL EMV Test Tools contact us at sales@b2ps.com.

  • You sell a number of UL EMV Test Tools. Should I buy from B2 or is it better to purchase directly from UL?

    B2 is the exclusive North American representative for UL EMV Test Tools. Therefore, the tool pricing will be the same regardless of where you order, and B2 works directly with UL to provide sales and technical support.

  • I'm having trouble viewing your eLearning modules. Is there anything technical I should know?

    Different operating systems and browsers and other security software have settings that can restrict access to certain functions. Here's one example, under Windows 10, default Chrome settings cause Adobe Flash to be blocked. As Flash must be enabled in order to view the course modules, this must be rectified. Go to Chrome's Settings / Advanced / Privacy & Security and then adjust "Content Settings" pertaining to "Flash" to allow domain 'b2ps.com'.

    Of course, audio must be enabled too but as questions regarding audio aren't frequent, it hasn't earned a space in our FAQ's.