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Choosing the right EMV toolkits

Choosing the right EMV toolkits can sometimes be difficult. There are various vendors that offer testing toolkits -- knowing what to look for and understanding what will best fits your requirements, are key components to choosing the right one. Your choice of EMV toolkits will be determined by several factors including your payment processor, card brands you support and payment types (contact or contactless) you process, as well as the geographies you are going to operate in.

A recent article published in Paylosophy shares real-world experiences with EMV toolkit usage, and provides some great advice and recommendations concerning choosing a suitable EMV toolkit. The article outlines how to choose the right EMV terminal certification tools as well as better organize the certification process. It also specifies UL as a highly reputable EMV toolkit vendor. In fact, the article highlights the preference to their UL toolkit due to price, as well as its functionality and ease of use.
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