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Artificial Intelligence in Payments Masterclass - 1 day

The world of payments and financial technology continues to evolve, with more and more discussion of on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a significant role in processes and efficiencies moving forward. Financial Institutions need to have the highest level of efficiency across all their key activities and understanding what best technologies to implement can be daunting. To stay relevant and in control of the constant changing world, organizations require the right knowledge to make the decision to follow or lead.

This Artificial Intelligence in Payments Masterclass is a seminar that contains in-depth information on fundamental principles and applications of AI and Machine Learning methods with a focus on the potential in the payments industry. Ideal for individuals working in the payments domain that are (or soon will be) involved in implementing AI or Machine Learning methods, this course will help you gain a better understanding of where we are today with AI, what to expect for in the future, and how you can make a roadmap to get you there.


Course Outline:

  • Overview and Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

  • Use-cases for AI in Payments

  • Utilizing Machine Learning Methods to Perform Various Tasks

  • Overview of how to use, build and enrich Payment Transaction Datasheets

  • How to apply AI in the Payments domain

  • How Machine Learning Methods can be applied to help prevent fraud

  • The future of AI in payments – where we are headed

 Class dates and locations will be announced shortly.

Course Agenda:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

  • Basic understanding

  • Basic understanding of the Artificial Intelligence area of Computer Science

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Data Mining

  • History, most important breakthroughs and contributors to Artificial Intelligence


Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

  • Fundamental principles of different disciplines and methods

  • Artificial Intelligence in Real-life (Examples & Hands-on exercises

  • Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM)


Introduction to Payments

  • Payments Ecosystem

  • Payments Processes

  • Use-cases for Artificial Intelligence in Payments


Machine Learning Methods

  • Different methods of Machine Learning and their core properties

  • Application of Machine Learning Methods to perform different kinds of tasks


Payment Transaction Datasets

  • How to build datasets based on payment transactions

  • How to use the Payment Transaction Datasets

  • How to enrich the Payment Transaction Datasets for future use


Leveraging Transaction Data & Domain Specific Competences

  • Applying Artificial Intelligence in the Payments domain

  • Payment Transaction Dataset used in practical examples and demonstrations


Fraud Detection & Risk Management in Payments

  • Expert Systems as they are used today

  • How Machine Learning Methods can be applied to prevent fraud

  • Creating the best consumer experience


Future of Artificial Intelligence in Payments

  • Fast forward to a future where Artificial Intelligence is completely embedded in the Payments domain - what would it look like?