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Features & Benefits of B2's eLearning courses:  

  • Convenience - All of our eLearning courses are available 24/7.
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  • Saves Money - Eliminate the time and expenses related to travelling.


B2 University eLearning notes:

All courses in B2 University are authored by B2’s subject matter experts and pertain to the Electronic Payments Industry.

B2 does not retain module test results but does keep a record of the courses you sign up for.

For Terms and Conditions of access to B2 University eLearning course material, please visit B2 Terms and Conditions.


Current course listing:

1)  B2 Introduction to EMV (Free with registration) - includes the following modules:

Introduction to Payments – This module focuses on electronic payments and includes: The electronic payment ecosystem, how an electronic transaction is performed and how do previous technologies such as embossed cards and magstripe cards work.

Payment Transaction Fraud – This module helps understand fraud in more detail, explains the evolution to EMV and how EMV reduces fraud.

EMV Adoption – This module will discuss how EMV is implemented and the various types of liability shifts introduced by the payment brands.

EMV Functional Architecture – This module explains how EMV was designed by exploring the history of EMV, EMV standards and how payment acceptance devices and chip cards interact with each other.

EMV Transaction Flow – This final module of the course goes in detail through each step of an EMV transaction.


2)  B2 Contactless Payments – includes the following modules:

Contactless Payment Architecture – This module explains how contactless technology works, what contactless readers are, what contactless form-factors there are and reviews the various contactless specifications.

AMEX Expresspay Transaction Flow.

Mastercard PayPass Transaction Flow.

Visa payWave Transaction Flow.

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3)  EMV US Debit - consists of a single comprehensive module:

This extensive module will explain in detail the impacts of implementing debit in the U.S. with EMV.  We explore the difference between magstripe US debit and EMV US debit transactions including various merchant challenges and tips.

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